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Fuchu, Tokyo

Pangea's Tribe™ publishes travel, culture and language iBooks that can be downloaded on the iBooks Store. Available for iPad, iPad mini and OS X Mavericks.

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Travel, Culture & Language iBooks

Pangea's Tribe publishes travel, culture and language Multi-Touch iBooks that can be downloaded on the iBooks Store.

Travel, Culture & Language iBooks

Culture Guide

Culture Guide

Japanese Gestures

US$ 2.99

Learn the Japanese gestures for money, counting, hailing a taxi, signaling for the check, passing between people, etc.

Short Story

Short Story

Looking for Kanchunaburi


Imagine visiting one of Thailand's most popular tourist towns, but upon arriving none of the landmarks can be found and none of the locals seem to understand the town’s notoriety.

Available on the iBooks Store

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